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17/05/2007 1:25:54 PM scritch: Mr X, Nightwings, Strideri, Astrobooty, 3rd Art...
Among other Posers sites, some of them could be interesting (I think) for Svarog fans:

- MrX, provides free poser 3D stories on this site:
Image quality is very good (as good as Svarog's quality according to me), with Super heroines getting fucked and impregnated by monsters...Big boobs, lot of cum, but very few anal scenes and "small" dicks in comparison with Svarog's work. It's also often the same story... Only few very short videos.

- Nightwing 316 works with MrX on superheroinecentral. You can find examples of his work on this site:
In fact, it's similar enough to MrX... But more hardcore with more group sex and less impregnation. Heroines are beautiful,big-titted, there's a lot of cum. As MrX, stories are long. But these stories are also less hardcore and less interesting than those we can find on Svarog. No videos.

- ,already exposed on this forum, is a Must for big boob fans. Image quality is incredible and is increasing with years. Just a detail: you won't like it if you don't like very huge boobs, as Chelsea Charms or Minka... This site provides also very good videos. Girls are penetrated by giant members, as on Svarog. You can find very hardcore activities: anal, fisting, but no double penetration or bukkake.

- , already exposed on this forum, provides wonderful 3D stories about beautiful girls getting fucked by aliens. It's very hardcore, nearly as Svarog, with for example real cum baths and triple anal penetrations. Nevertheless, the image quality is far from sfxxxplace... 3D is medium and mixed with photos of real actresses. Very few videos, and they are not of good quality.

- Realized by Strideri, this site is another must for giant tits lovers, with high quality big tits babes as on No videos here, but perverse stories... All men have cocks similar to those of minotaurs in Svarog's stories. Facial are impressive. Monster sexe. Not a lot of anal scenes however, and many stories are incest stories, that personnaly I don't like.

Finally, I find that sfxxxplace is definitively the best place, which associates the best vids, the most exciting stories to a great image quality.
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sirrender: Sounds good to me (0)22/05/2007 3:44:33 AM
Women (superheroines and others) getting fucked and impregnated by monsters without anal sounds good to me!


scritch: title... (0)22/05/2007 9:22:20 AM
So you'll love Mr X!!!


Guest: title... (0)24/05/2007 2:06:46 AM
Are you comparing free sites to pay sites? Not exactly fair to compare a free site to a paysite since the free site people just put out what they want whenever.


Guest: title... (0)24/05/2007 10:13:52 AM
MrX and Nightwing316 are may be free sites, but their complete work can only be found on several paysites (like So I've only spoken of paysites (what I have all looked at).


Guest: title... (0)08/01/2009 2:59:40 PM


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